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How can I unlock my hotel room with the My Disney Experience App?

Guests staying at select Disney Resort Hotels can now quickly and conveniently unlock their room and common area doors using the My Disney Experience app on many popular mobile devices.

Follow these simple steps to unlock your hotel room:

1. If Bluetooth on your mobile device is turned off, turn it on.
2. Download and open the My Disney Experience app.
3. Link your Disney Resort Hotel reservation to your Disney account.
4. View your Disney Resort Hotel reservation.
5. Select “Unlock Door”.
6. Agree to use your device to unlock your door.
7. Hold your mobile device against the door lock.

What if I no longer want to use my phone to unlock my hotel room?

If you no longer wish to use your phone to unlock your hotel room, please visit the Front Desk of your Disney Resort Hotel.

Can I still use my Disney band?

You can still use active Disney bands to unlock your hotel room. You will still need to use a Disney band or card for the following, if applicable:

• Park admission
• Room charges
• Dining plan meal redemption

What do I do if I lose my Mobile Device?

If you lose your mobile device, please speak with a Cast Member at the Front Desk of your Disney Resort Hotel as soon as possible.

How do I know that the unlock door feature is secure?

The unlock door feature is designed with security in mind and we have put measures in place to protect the security of your hotel room. The first time that you use each mobile device, you will be required to sign in to your Disney account to activate the unlock door feature.

Do I still have to check-in at the Front desk?

When you use Online Check-In service and the unlock door feature, you may be able to skip the Front Desk at your Disney Resort Hotel and proceed straight to your room. If you don’t know your room number, just view your reservation in the My Disney Experience app and tap “Show Room Number”.

What if my phone doesn’t allow me to unlock my hotel room?

If you experience difficulties unlocking your hotel room, please visit the Front Desk of your Disney Resort Hotel for help.

Can I unlock common areas at my Disney Resort Hotel using my mobile device?

You will be able to unlock your hotel room and other common areas that require a Disney band or card at your Disney Resort Hotel. Common areas may include pools, arcades, fitness centres, elevators and Club level lounges.

Is the unlock door feature available at every Disney hotel?

This feature is currently available at every Disney Resort Hotel. It is not available at Swan, Dolphin or any non-Disney hotels.