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Fariy Godmothers

What is the ticket change?

We are now offering date-based tickets. Guests can now select the specific start date of their Walt Disney World Theme Park tickets and the number of days they would like to visit. Prices will reflect the specific dates selected by guests.

Why are you moving to date-based tickets and pricing?

As our parks have increased in popularity, there are more and more guests who wish to experience our word-class attractions. Introducing date-based tickets and pricing will allow us to offer increased flexibility throughout the year so that we can continue to improve guest experience and meet family needs and requirements.

When is The Walt Disney Travel Company moving to sell date-based tickets?

This date has not been confirmed. Please check back here in the coming weeks for more information.

Will The Walt Disney Travel Company be adjusting ticket prices as part of this change?

Yes, some ticket prices may decrease, increase or stay the same compared to current prices depending on the date of the visit and length of the ticket the guest selects.

I already purchased tickets for my upcoming visit. Are my tickets still valid?

Yes. Unused and unexpired tickets will remain valid. Tickets maintain the same terms and conditions (including the expiration date) as they had at the time of purchase.

Will I need to pay more for my ticket if I already purchased it prior to 16th October 2018?

There will be no change in price to the ticket you have already purchased. Please be sure to check the specific terms and conditions on your ticket to confirm the expiration policy.